v0.71  – The Facelift Update – Release and Changelog

+Added Tom’s gangbang artwork

+Added artwork for Ms. Lane:

  • Bust
  • Paperdoll
  • Sex Scenes

+Added artwork for Dr. Howard:

  • Bust
  • Anal Sex Scene

+Added sounds to the dream sequence

+Added sounds to the menus

+Added sounds to the clocktower event

+Added artwork to the main menu and settings menu

+Added Dick Length and Girth preferences to the settings menu

+Added Metric / Imperial unit preferences to the settings menu (only affects the sidebar, for now)

+Added 2 more save slots

+Added Quit Game option to Main Menu

+Added futanari preferences: “As Intended (Default)”, “Always On”, or “Always Off”

+Added option to hide or display the game difficulty

*Replaced the grand majority of non-character artwork, including:

  • Stock photo backgrounds
  • Main Menu
  • Parasite and scene illustrations

*The main menu artwork and parasite artwork now have a variety of images that the game will cycle through

*Partially unified the color scheme (eventually will get rid of all green, orange, or otherwise non-red-or-monochrome text)

*Made the sidebar map larger

*Most artwork is now displayed larger

*All images should now better scale down with the window size, for anyone playing in less than 1080p

*Reformatted the Main Menu

*Reformatted the intro passages that were off-center

*Reformatted paperdolls and their stat displays, and will immediately continue to make UI changes regarding interactions with NPCs

*Saves will now display the date and time of the savegame (unless you are loading the game immediately after booting it up)

*Mark of the Anointed is now an upgrade ability

*Reformatted the sidebar

*The “Game Menu” link is now a wheel at the top of the sidebar

*At some point, the hair and eye colors for a lot of NPC’s became skewed to the wrong color. This has been fixed for hair, eyes soon to follow.

*Moved save/load options from the sidebar to the settings menu

*Moved the sound controls to the settings menu

*Spelling and grammar fixes

*Fixed the formatting for NPC preferences on Affected screen

*Dr. Howard now properly appears in the Arc bathroom when frenzied

*Fixed a bug where you could potentially not unlock Mark of the Anointed without going to sleep with exactly 3 frenzies

*Doubled the amount of suspicion caused by infesting someone with a parasite

*Moved the Dev Console access point from the sidebar to the settings menu

-Removed some of the redundant busts

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