The artwork drive has been updated for Black+ tier patrons, which now includes the new environments both in color and in black and white.

Steam had an issue where the Play Now button was not locating the .exe. Maya also had an issue where she may appear outside of the boundaries of her display window. Fear not, sweet patrons, for the fix for both of these issues is now up (0.71.1)! But, my upload speed is booty so it will likely be tonight when they are up on itch.

Also, make sure to stop by the new event calendar channel in Discord to sign up for Trivia on October 7th, hosted in General chat by our very own LT | Artifact! 1st place is a $15 Steam Gift Card, 2nd place is a $5 Steam Gift Card, and as of writing this there are no RSVP’s which essentially means two of you could simply show up and automatically win prizes 😛

Finally, I want to give you guys an update on my October plans. In lieu of doing the artwork for two characters this month, I’m currently working with the artist on hammering out the logistical nightmare that is creating dynamic paperdolls for both the player character and the randomly-generated husks. There would be more layers to these new dolls, and more options to choose from (physiques, hairstyles). This seems to be one of the most widely requested features so this month I am looking to deliver, and expect the addition of these new dolls to spearhead the gender swapping ability in-game. 

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