Cover image for Artifact, one of the adult games by Mesmerizers


Being the perfect student at modern-day Miskatonic University, you are on the road to achieve your dreams. Presently, a mysterious artifact has been discovered outside of Dunwich that threatens the future of the school. Transform your classmates into your own personal harem, bend the minds and bodies of staff to your will, avoid suspicion, and bring about a lustful apocalypse.

Cover image for Swarm of the Symbiotes, one of the adult games by Mesmerizers

Swarm of the Symbiotes

An earthquake unleashes a swarm ancient symbiotes that threaten to topple a vibrant superhero utopia.

Unreleased. Additional info available to Patrons.

Cover image for an untitled adult game, one of the adult games by Mesmerizers


Unreleased. Additional info available on Patreon.

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