AI Art Contest

Mesmerizers AI Art Contest is one of the first ever contests made exclusively as an outlet for AI Art. Every month is a new hypno-related theme!

Submissions are usually accepted for the first few weeks of the month, with voting opening in the final week.

Prizes are usually a Steam Gift Card for 1st place, and sometimes for 2nd place as well.


UPDATE JULY 2023: The contest has ended, indefinitely. Thank you to all who participated!


AI Art Contest - Bookworm Bimbofication

January – Bookworm Bimbofication

AI Art Contest - Possessed Pop Star

February – Possessed Pop Star

AI Art Contest - Perverted Paladin

March – Perverted Paladin

AI Art Contest - Alien Assimilation

April – Alien Assimilation

AI Art Contest - Fembot Factory

May – Fembot Factory

AI Art Contest - Stupefied Sisters

June – Stupefied Sisters


Click Here for the INDIGO model