NSFW Stable Diffusion Model


Introducing Indigo, one of the best NSFW Stable Diffusion models capable of creating imaginative, yet realistic NSFW images of women. Think Rule34 in 4K. There are no requirements, just plug and play in your preferred generator. 

Indigo - A NSFW Stable Diffusion model capable of creating wildly imaginative and stylized, yet realistic images of women with huge tits.

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It makes realistic images of excessively large breasts and stylized beauty, even in wildly imaginative scenarios. The result is something that lies somewhere between an actual photograph and top digital fetish art.

Because of this, you can create massive breasts (or hyperbreasts) that retain realistic depth and texture with little effort. Plays well with LoRAs!

Not your style? Don’t worry, even though it has been tuned to these parameters, it is an extremely versatile model that is plenty capable of the hentai look and much more!


I have been working on it for a while before deciding to share it, and have long lost track of all the models I’ve used or not used. To the best of my knowledge, the models in this merge may include:

  • Clarity
  • Real BB
  • A to Zovya RPG Artist’s Tools

  • irlhyperbreasts

*All credits to original authors/owners.

Please do not re-upload the model, and credit me as such when using in other merges: 

Indigo by Mesmerizers Gaming

NSFW Stable Diffusion Prompting

These guidelines will help you create similar images to the ones in the examples.



I break down the prompt into 3 main parts:

  1. Head – [Style of image], [Main description], [Anatomy Descriptions]
  2. Body – [Porn Websites/Companies], [Style descriptions], [Photography terms]
  3. Tail – [Minute/repetitive details]

Anything in the Body of the prompt can be shifted elsewhere within the Body if the image needs a stronger/weaker emphasis on it.



[Style of image], [Main description], [Anatomy Descriptions], [Porn Websites/Companies], [Style descriptions], [Photography terms], [Minute/repetitive details]


[Style of image], [Anatomy Descriptions], [Style descriptions], [Photography terms], [Minute/repetitive details]



Scenarios typically seen in illustrated media, such as Rule 34, will often try to push the image into that sort of cartoonish style, so try to put emphasis on both photography terms and illustrative terms using weighting.


  • For positive prompts, lightly weight any words that you feel like you can afford to lessen the impact on. Because of this, you will draw more attention to the rest of the prompt without having to risk weighting something you want too heavily.
  • For negative prompts, lightly weight all the words you use, then after some test generations you can scale any individual weights up as necessary.


Breast Prompting

  • big supple boobs
  • huge hyperbreasts (may get cartoonish)
  • huge wide tits (may create thiccer women)
  • tight [type of clothing]
  • breast expansion (also great for BE: sideboob, underboob)
  • breast inflation (only if breast expansion prompts are not working, may introduce latex and/or balloons. also useful: ripped top)


General Prompting

  • [your favorite porn websites or companies] (experiment with what works for you, be mindful of how these images are used)
  • skin texture, high resolution, sharp focus, depth of field, dynamic range, bokeh
  • pinup
  • goosebumps, stretch marks, freckles (at end of Tail and weighted lightly. helps make more realistic people)


Face Prompting

  • stunning eyes (creates beautiful, quality eyes. may ‘overwrite’ other eye descriptions.)
  • round face, high cheek bones (include these in the Tail of the prompt. The goal is filtering images closely linked with traditional beauty standards, and not necessarily the traits themselves)


Negative Prompting

  • manga, cartoon, cgi (weighted heavily, will push image further into realism)
  • beads (weighted heavily. can help make the nipples look more natural, and stave off extra nipples.)
  • extra limbs
  • missing limb
  • fused together
  • duplicate, couple, group (if multiple people in the image are not desired. usually not needed unless generating images larger than 1024px)
  • elongated, twisted (also not usually needed unless the aspect ratio is rather wide)


Recommended Settings

  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras
  • Step Count: 20
  • CFG: 7.5

All example images are raw high-resolution generations, most of which have implemented the High-Res Fix.


Futa Stable Diffusion Model

Crimson - A NSFW Stable DIffusion Model

Crimson is a Futa Stable Diffusion model with similar capabilities to Indigo, but tuned for creating futa imagery.

It’s a WIP, therefore it will be available as soon as it is done baking.

You can help!

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