Hypnosis Stable Diffusion Model

Indigo by Mesmerizers Gaming

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Similar to INDIGO, but tailored more for creating general Hypno-related images. The sample images are made with INDIGO and use virtually identical prompts as the sample images in INDIGO, but with the trigger words sprinkled in at varying weights.


This was trained on a dataset of hypno images and then merged into an INDIGO model. The same instructions for INDIGO prompting will apply here, but with the following changes:


  • New hypno-related trigger words
  • The more imaginative the prompt, the more weighting will be necessary on trigger words.
  • Skin looks more realistic


Trigger Words

hypno – main trigger word

hypnosis – tends to produce trippy colors or glowing, as well as spirals or patterns

possessed – tends to produces demonic-related stuff and evil looks. sometimes may need to use blood in negative prompt.

mind control – tends to introduce technology into the mix

ecstasy – tends to result in an ecstatic expression

glowing eyes – produces glowing eyes, though perhaps often to a fault

blank expression – currently very hard to infer alone, but occasionally gets it right

sexualized – tends to make the images more sexual, introducing states of undress or sexual acts

dark – gives images a creepy/sinister vibe, and sometimes also helps accentuate glowing eyes

realistic – self-explanatory

toon – self-explanatory

spiral – self-explanatory

sex machine – loosely infers a tekkie fucking machine

parasite – for creating parasite porn, couples well with possessed


Negative Prompt

abstract – To combat images that become overly abstract

blood – If using possessed, it can sometimes produce unwanted blood


Recommended Settings

  • Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras or DDIM
  • Step Count: 20
  • CFG: 7