I am still expecting the last of Huong’s artwork any day now. This post is not about that, though. 

I was let go from my day job a few days ago. It sucks, but I do not expect it to negatively affect the game development at all. In fact, in these past few days, I have had the free time to add so many changes to the game that this next release is shaping up to be the largest one yet! 

Aside from the usual artwork and bug fixes (one of these fixes finally addressing the stupidly long decimal numbers that have plagued the sidebar for so long), this new update will include several brand new mechanics, an objective tracker, clarification on some existing game mechanics, and more! I’m continuing to implement additional things as I wait on this last piece of artwork to finish.

I am also in the early stages of getting Artifact on Steam Early Access, where I am hoping to cut the projected release date for the finished game from about 2 years out, to less than 1 year out. It should be visible on Early Access within the next 1-2 months.

While these next few items may not be ready by the next update, I am also planning on adding a few more locations to visit, and a few more characters to round out the campus and provide additional strategic utilities. Artifact was originally meant to have a total of 15 characters, but with these planned changes this number will end up being closer to 18-20.

The ‘final boss’ (the Crimson Seraph) is being fleshed out and developed as we speak, but still may be a month or two away from their changes making it into the game. There will also be 3 possible endings for Artifact.

In addition, once the game is complete (or is at least relatively close to being complete), I am planning to add a free DLC, which will pick up shortly after the ending of the main game. The DLC will have a new protagonist, a handful of new characters, is planned to be roughly about a third of the size of the main game, and will be more heavily focused on mystery, suspense, and horror than its predecessor.

Edit: We are also poised to break the 1st Patreon goal come August!

Edit 2: I have been told I can expect the last of Huong’s artwork by Thursday, so I anticipate releasing 0.68 this weekend.

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