The next patch is just about ready, the artwork has progressed rather quickly so I figured I will just wait until these last two gangbang pieces are done to release it, which should be any day now. That makes it full artwork for both Dr. Lydia Sterling and Huong this time. There will also be some minor quality-of-life updates, more lines of text in the library books to help clear up some common confusion, and some fixes to a couple of long-lived bugs (very special thanks to GigaHeart on the Discord, who took initiative and dedicated a lot of time to learning Harlowe to help me with fixes).

While I have been more focused on artwork lately, I’m about to redirect some of this focus to punching up the writing and adding more tones of Lovecraftian horror. I also finally have a final boss concept that I feel good about as well as a (free) DLC down the line that would take place from a new and exciting perspective.

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