+Added sex scene artwork for Maya (only for oral, anal, titjob, and vaginal. The last two will follow soon)

+Added written sex scenes for Ying

+Added written sex scenes for Dr. Jackson

*Removed IQ requirement for Mikah’s gangbang scene. It should now play with only having her arousal at 10 or above.

*Changed splash image and fixed broken Patreon link

*Fixed error where an extra parasite was being removed while infesting Detective Lawson

*Fixed issue where taking the pen from Kang’s hand made Ying’s quest infinitely repeatable

Fixed issue where Ying would not recognize that his quest was complete, making it infinitely repeatable

Fixed issue where sex scenes were not showing up on some NPCs whenever you could not resist their advances

*Dick size now changes appropriately with sex scenes for Dr. Sterling, Maya, Dr. Howard, Tom, and Mikah. The rest of the characters to follow soon.

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