We were so very close to reaching the first goal this past month! This month we are currently poised to exceed that goal so that we can finally begin having the full artwork for a whole character on a monthly basis. 

If you tried to download the latest game version yesterday, or the artwork, you may not have been able to as my goofy ass forgot to change the sharing settings on those links; they are fixed now. 

Goals for April!

-Add the last two Maya sex scene artwork (finished literally right after I uploaded the game last night, so they’re already done)

-Add the Mikah gangbang artwork (also already completed)

-Add the Maya gangbang artwork

-Add the bust for Dr. Lydia Sterling

-Add the paperdoll for Dr. Lydia Sterling

-Revise sex scenes for Mikah, and potentially a few other characters

-Revise and polish some existing encounters and quests

-Further flesh out the ‘final boss’

Stretch goals:

-Add sex scene artwork for Dr. Lydia Sterling

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