I’m currently doing bug testing for 0.70, and planning to release this weekend (as long as I don’t run into anything major)! It again rivals the size of the most recent updates, and features a ton of bug fixes.

Here, we have a depiction of the game’s first Diminished (level 2) character! May he be horrific and stir feelings of discomfort. 

This past month has been a huge learning experience for me. In my rush to meet the goals we were rapidly achieving, I ended up learning a lot more about the Twine engine while starting a mockup for one of the next possible games. I can now apply this new learned information to Artifact over 0.70 and future updates.

Lastly, joining us in the Discord as of yesterday is the new server admin, @LT | Artifact. She will be managing and improving the Discord server experience over the coming weeks, so make sure to drop in and say hi!

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