Huong Cosplay & New Media

@fashionmodelmisa from Instagram has blessed us with this sweet cosplay from Artifact! Great work on this before & after bimbofication picture!

It’s exciting to see new media of something you already enjoy. Once that content crosses that threshold into breaking new ground, it has a bigger presence in your life. Brands are easier to recognize than products. So rather than trying to make Artifact just another adult game, why not make it and Mesmerizers a jumping off point to launch a set of similarly-kinky games, stimulate the production of this type of content beyond the barriers of the gaming world, and grow the online presence of this kink as a whole? I’ve kind of already done that with /r/girlscontrolled, but now I think it may be time to take that concept beyond the confines of Reddit and make Mesmerizers one of the best go-to spots for hypnosis, bimbofication, body possession, mind control, etc., etc. type content.

I would love to be able to post more content like this, whether it’s related to my game(s) specifically or not. Seeing as how most of you are here for the game, though, I plan to keep most content I post directly related to Artifact for the foreseeable future. I was also thinking about occasionally posting some original kinky artworks in addition to all this real-life content as well. My logo / avatar are still under production, but I’ve learned a metric ton in the process of making them. It seems like I could very realistically create my very own artworks outside of the game on a relatively consistent schedule, without affecting progress on the game!

If there is enough interest, of course, then with my Patreon I could power all 3 of these (the game, real-life content, and artworks). Only time will tell. For now, I will be continuing to experiment with new types of content and seeing what sticks. 

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