Hello, everybody! Just a quick update today. There is a 1st place winner for the January contest, and two people tied for 2nd place!

Unfortunately, the website crashed at some point and didn’t quite recover, the star count is lost and I’m having trouble accessing the images themselves to make a promo image today. 

I didn’t want to keep anybody in the dark, though! If you submitted an image, hit me up on the Discord to claim your prize.

I will try to have the website back to normal over the next week and then open submission for the new contest. The new contest theme, by way of popular vote, will be “Possessed Popstar” and you have basically all month to work on it this time. Thank you to everybody who participated!

More Swarm of the Symbiotes concept art will be coming next week as well. That’s all for now. Have a great weekend, deviants!

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