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+Added the remaining male dolls:

  • Slim
  • Lean
  • Fit
  • Muscular
  • Obese

+Added around 45 new penis images for all male dolls

+Replaced old campus map images with new images

+Added new location tags for the expanding campus

+Added tips for using the Gifting system, Sex Preferences, Arousal system, and Shimmer

+Added a condom dispenser to all university bathrooms, which have a chance to refill every 30 days

+Added new background images for your house, including Upstairs Hallway, Upstairs Bathroom, Downstairs Hallway, Kitchen, Living Room, and Dining Room.

*Quest text and event text that appear in common areas are now displayed in pink, so they become easier to distinguish from the usual white text descriptions when racing through campus

*Spread new doll images to all husks

*Condom changes:

  • Condoms now prevent NPC dick AND NPC breast changes from sex acts
  • Condoms now dampen NPC Arousal and NPC IQ changes from sex acts (to a certain minimum, but not to 0), including if your partner is the one doing the penetration

*Dick Size is now customizable at the start, and is factored into the Game Difficulty calculation

*Added option to take penis enlargement pills in upstairs bathroom

*Scaled up and standardized positive NPC breast changes

*Scaled up positive NPC dick size changes

*Scaled back NPC IQ changes

*Slightly scaled up negative PC dick size changes

*Standardized IQ stat changes from sex acts

*Standardized player & NPC dick size changes from sex acts & pills

*Replaced vague descriptions of stat changes from all sex & infest scenes with the actual stat changes

*Sidebar stats will now flash when they are dangerously low

*Standardized NPC arousal stat changes from sex acts

*NPC Preferences have been revamped, they now indicate 1-2 levels stronger change of arousal for the preferred sex acts. Preference 1 is 2 levels stronger than average, Preference 2 is one level stronger than average.

*The stadium is now located in the Lower Campus

*Maths & Sciences building is now located in Upper Campus

*Scaled down Harriet’s suspicion recovery when doing your bidding

*The frequency in which husks had much larger dick sizes has been reduced

*Restored Huong’s & Priya’s bidding functionality

*Fixed issue that prevented Vitae Exchange from working at all. Vitae Exchange may still be clunky

*Fixed an issue that prevented the assignment of multiple broodmothers

*Restored Ying’s Diminish scene

*Applied a new fix for accidental renaming

*Fixed some minor issues regarding punctuation, grammar, and uniformity

*Further compressed images – they should now take up roughly half the size that they used to

-Removed broken image link for one of Tom’s and Dr. Howard’s frenzy scenes


*Fixed suspicion stat change on Mikah’s futa anal sex scene

*Fixed issue with switching genders in customizer that could return broken images until re-choosing custom options

*Fixed an issue where an NPC could return from their frenzy

*Fixed a rogue description showing in the menu

*Fixed an issue where the volume could change on its own (it may still change on its on via the main menu, but will right itself once a savegame with volume preferences is loaded)

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