0.75  – Release and Changelog

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+Added multiple side quests for Madison

+Added first part of the next main quest – the Anointed One returns to campus to find that it is closely surveiled

+Added Dr. Howard paperdoll

+Added Melissa paperdoll (new character), who appears either at a certain point in the main questline, or on her own after 30 days

+Added the University Woods dorm area and their respective husks

+Added the Arboretum Overlook and Arboretum Trail, accessible from the Art Building

+Added a new tip to the early game regarding arousal and IQ management

+Added a Stats option to the Menu, which tracks your largest and smallest penis size in the playthrough, as well as see how the game has interpreted your actions so far. (Stats NOT available if the Dev Console is enabled)

+Expanded Broodmother actions from Maya-only to ALL main NPCs

+Vitae Exchange is now available on ALL husks instead of just the first

*Changed Diminish1 description to specify males instead of “same sex”

*Changed Chocolate item description

*Fixed issue with Ms. Lane and Dr. Sterling automatically becoming futa if frenzied, which caused the frenzy image to disappear if she was not meant to be futa

*Fixed issue that could cause frenzy text not to appear while futa was “Always Off”

*Fixed issue where Maya’s frenzy image may not display if the Cup Size Preference setting is changed from default

*Fixed issue that caused Dr. Howard’s frenzy image not to display

*Fixed issue with Tom’s frenzy that caused unrelated changes to Dr. Howard

*Fixed Harriet’s frenzy to properly change stats

*Fixed issue that could cause Huong to leave her frenzy

*Removed the IQ requirement for viewing frenzy images

*Fixed issue that could cause player to be stuck in a room when its native NPC goes into a frenzy

*Fixed issue that could cause multiple links to show for exiting an area

*Fixed issue that caused some campus flavor text to not display

*Fixed issue that caused Detective Lawson’s BJ scene to not play out properly if it was forced

*Changed link text on student housing navigation menu descriptions from “Continue” to “Info”

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