0.74  – Release and Changelog


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Itch: https://msmrzzrs.itch.io/artifact 

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2082270/Artifact/

+Added a NEW MAIN QUEST, triggering after the first is complete, again with multiple paths

A new woman has arrived with valuable information that could threaten you

+Added all remaining Dr. Howard sex scene images (pending frenzy)

+Added Ms. Lane frenzy image (non-futa)

+Added a plethora of new doll parts

+Added Face5 for SlimThick model

+Platinum for SlimThickHairExtraShort

+SlimThickHairShort all shades

+SlimThickHairShaved all shades

+Platinum for SlimThickHairNeckLength

+custom option for SlimThickHairNeckLength

+SlimThickHairShoulderLength all colors

+Platinum for SlimThickHairBackLength

+SlimThickChest all sizes/shades

+PearFace4 5 & 6

+PearChest all sizes/shades

+PearHair all styles/shades

+PearHairShaved all shades

+PearHairShort all shades

+PearHairNeckLength Platinum

+PearHairShoulderLength Platinum

+PearHairBackLength Platinum


+FemaleMuscularFace3 & Face4

+FemaleMuscularHair all styles/shades

+MaleAverageFace2 , Face3, Face4, Face5, and Face6

+FemaleCurvyFace4 and Face5

+FemaleCurvy all hair

+FemaleCurvyChest all sizes

*Changed navigational ellipses to “Continue” instead, which should help with alleviating some navigational confusion

*Changed informative ellipses to “Info

*Added XP as a reward for the first main quest

*Added player’s SHiMMER password hint in case the password is lost

*Assigning a new broodmother no longer requires you to leave and re-enter the lab for the broodmother actions to show up

*Fixed issue where the spiking scenario in one of the first quests would not complete it

*Fixed error which caused the quest tracker not to display

*Fixed error which caused a hint for the first main quest not to display

*The game window no longer opens to 1920 x 1080 by default (now should instead save the last window size)

-Removed stray backslashes from Upper and Lower Campus

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