+A man has arrived to MU to warn the campus of the Anointed One. (Added many more main story scenes with multiple possible scenarios, triggering after 1 frenzy)

  • Roughly 3-4 new cutscenes available in 1 playthrough (around 8 or so *possible* cutscenes depending on choices and other variables)
  • 1 new quest with multiple resolutions

+Added a new meter to the sidebar:

  • The Academia Meter measures your academic standing at the school.
  • After the first 60 days, if the meter is too low (roughly below 20%), the pc is “expelled”. For now, being expelled just means your suspicion is set to the maximum.

+Added Midterms event, which can be tracked using the yearly schedule

  • Attending class the grand majority of the time (roughly 70% or more) will result in automatically passing the midterm.
  • The less you attend class, the smaller the chance of you being able to pass the midterm.
  • Having the Intelligent trait also boosts the chance of success.
  • Passing the Midterm will result in a boost to the Academia meter, while failing it will result in a hit to the Academia meter.
  • If Dr. Howard is not frenzied, but has an Arousal of 6 or higher, and the player fails the midterm, a special scene is available to allow the player to pass it IF they attend class on that day
  • Missing the Midterm will result in automatic failure of the test, negatively affecting the academia meter
  • The game will remind you about the Midterms on the day of.

+Added the option to obtain free daily meals from the cafeteria. Meals are useful for Broodmothers – more information further down the changelog

  • Added the Intelligent trait
    – Intelligent (Some things just come easier to you, and you retain a lot of knowledge. You automatically have a higher chance to succeed on exams.)

+Added background artwork for when the PC is dreaming

*Attending class now only passes time by one unit, whether you’re there early or late.

*Small intro retcon, the artifacts are assigned as your personal grad project as opposed to something for class study

*Broodmothers are still initially inseminated by you, but after that, the method to progress production of parasites is to feed the Broodmother. Broodmothers can be fed any obtainable food items. Maya is currently the only one updated with these new mechanics, the others are still following the old mechanics but are soon to follow.

*Purchasing items no longer passes time

*Re-aligned Dr. Sterling’s image

*Lure should now work properly, as should creating new broodmothers

*Fixed one of the dialogue options with Maya at the end of the intro

*The player now begins the game with the Diminish Level 1 ability

*Fixed issue where dick size would not change when metric units were enabled

*Updated Patron credits

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