​+New upgrade: Call of the Broodmother – Channel the power of the Broodmother to supernaturally lure others with you to its location. This upgrade allows you to create a broodmother out of any named female NPC.

+New upgrade: Vitae Exchange – Sacrifice a husk in order to assume one of their traits. The cost to make the sacrifice depends on the desired trait (only the first Clemmens Husk is activated for this interaction at the moment, the rest will follow soon)

+Added a partially-functioning placeholder for player character appearance customization

+Revamped the library encounter text and added an illustration

+Added multiple illustrations for Maya pregnancy (body horror warning)

+Added background artwork for the restricted section

+Added background artwork for Lower Campus

+Added illustration to home encounter

+Added multiple illustrations to clocktower encounter

+Added Tom Antarctica pic illustration for player home

+Added a visual effect for owning Shadow Over Arkham

+Added visual effects for increasing numbers of frenzies

+Added poster illustration for Mikah’s room

+Added maximum cup size preferences

+Added animations to the Bimbofication, Diminish2, and Diminish3 upgrade pages

*Changed background artwork for the med clinic​

*NPCs no longer lose their arousal each time you encounter them. Instead, it only occurs when you are sleeping , and the change is minimal as long as you have visited them earlier that day

Reduced the amount of arousal provided by *most actions across the board

*The Charismatic trait now also heightens your chances of successfully flirting

*Flirting now permanently has a higher chance of succeeding (and greater effect on Arousal) after gifting an NPC’s preferred items

*NPC’s IQ’s can no longer recover far past their starting IQ

*Updated book texts to sound a little more lore-friendly

*Reduced audio and image file sizes

*Harriet’s irresistable advances are now actually irresistable

*Updated the trophy case

*named the god Vhl’attar

*The time of day in the sidebar will now automatically update in real time whenever voluntarily passing time

*Further reformatted the sidebar

*Failing at flirting will now pass the time of day

*Time should no longer pass when viewing a copy of the books on your phone

*Spiking the food now increases bust size in female staff and students, and decreases IQ for all staff and students

-Removed more redundant busts

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