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0.68 Changelog:

+Added a difficulty system via perks and boons at character creation, with 9 different working traits (and 1 placeholder trait) to choose from

+Added Eldritch Enhancement upgrade –  You sacrifice sexual energy derived from sex frenzies to provide a significant one-time boost to your genitalia size.  As a bonus, you permanently receive an extra small boost from taking Penis Enlargement Pills. You may visit your bedroom to perform the ritual.

+Added Shadow Over Arkham upgrade  – A soft haze falls over Essex County, shrouding Arkham and the University in an increasingly dreary atmosphere. Your negative actions slowly dwindle from the memories of residents and help keep suspicion down. This includes the Black Brotherhood, who will slowly forget your identity if they happen to uncover it. This  effect intensifies if you frenzy at least 1 person for every 20 days that pass.

+Added full Sterling artwork

+Added full Huong artwork

+Added a Med Clinic to the lower campus (updated campus map is pending). The Med Clinic is the location of a doctor (who will eventually be a full fledged npc with artwork, but for the moment is just a train for a new mechanic) that can help with addiction, should you develop it. Depending on severity, treatment options include instant medication, a short (3-day) stay at rehab, or a long (5-day) stay at rehab.

+Added NPC sex act preferences. Now, each character has a higher chance of choosing 2 particular scenes when coming onto you, based on their personal preferences. These 2 scenes may also provide slightly more extreme stat changes than other options.

+Added objective tracker to sidebar

+Added more hints pointing player to the library  after picking up the crown

+Added option at start of game to update (and re-update) saved stats .

+Added further clarifications for objectives when you first research your powers

+Added new lines to Caelano Fragments:
~Prolonged exposure to an Anointed One can lead to high levels of arousal, but as long as there are no major symptoms present, even the smallest break in exposure can be enough to escape his influence.

~If unable to escape the Anointed’s influence, the affected will seek out anyone and everyone willing to help get release from their intense, perpetual arousal. Their attempts have always been in vein, as the copius sex increases their libido. On the surface, their bodies may also undergo rapid changes.

~Anointed Ones seem to be immune to all known diseases transmitted via genitalia.

+Added the following line to The Black Brother’s Occult Hunter’s Guide:
~If the Anointed manages to turn enough of his victims into a sex frenzy, the ritual is complete and the concentration os sexual energy in the area will force the skies to part. Their false god will step into this world, and by then it will be too late.

+Added the following tip after the intro:
~A vague amount of time passes when traveling between different rooms or locations, and changes may occur between visits. However, traveling does not affect the time of day. Only interactions between you and the world, interactions between you and others, or sleeping in your bed may pass the time of day.

+Added additional possible character outcomes for Game Over epilogue

+Added Load Game option to Game Over screen

+Added a substitute teacher that replaces Dr. Howard’s spot teaching in class whenever he gets frenzied

+Colorized player hair color text and eye color text

+Added End User License Agreement txt file

*Sleeping now has a chance to reduce addiction

*Fixed ridiculously long decimal numbers in sidebar

*Fixed stat changes (or lack thereof) in Detective Lawson’s scenes

*Reorganized upgrade layouts

*Fixed gangbang trigger conditions for characters with existing artwork

*Speed dealer now has “buy more, save more” options

*Each rank of the Diminished upgrade purchased now requires owning the rank before it

*The speed dealer can now be diminished, which can result in a variety of outcomes (including discounts) based on the level of diminishing.

*Sleeping to start a new day is no longer possible until evening

*You now gain 1 XP from your first time reading the books in the library. This XP must be spent on the Bimbofy upgrade to unlock access to the rest of the upgrades.

*Very slightly reworked various existing encounters to play out in a more logical way

*Spelling/grammar fixes

*Increased display size for frenzied artwork

*Stat changes for sex scenes are now more consistent, with few variances between characters

*Credits are now viewable from the main manu

*Increased starting Cock Girth

*Mikah is no longer able to walk in on your edging or masturbating in your bedroom if she has been frenzied

*You can no longer do spotting for Huong after she has been frenzied

*Various sidebar formatting and layout changes

-Removed placeholder text for entering player stats

-Replaced Patreon button from the sidebar wiith a standard link

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