*The 4 errors at the start have been fixed. These did not impact gameplay, but was forcing the Debug menu to show up and obscure the story.

*Made New Game instructions a little more clear, and changed Brunette eye color  on this page to Brown

*Ordering coffee now takes time and money, plus reduces suspicion

*Live nude drawing encounter now slightly increases suspicion each time after the third visit

*The increased dick size from the live nude drawing encounter now properly raises suspicion

*Fixed another issue where you could get stuck in the Gym after Huong leaves and the encounter begins

+Added clarifying text to various spots of the story

+Added Hyper Fertility upgrade, which allows the delivery of 2 parasites per pregnancy instead of 1.

+Added bills. Every 30 days you now get a bill in your living room, and paying it off will help keep suspicion down. Ignoring the bill for too long  (over 7 days) will raise suspicion each day until paid off.

+Added Starby’s to the schedule (24/7)

+Added Lower Campus encounter

+Added HTML downloadable for those who have trouble with opening the executable

+You can now become addicted to speed after 13 pills. Each pill you take beyond the 13th will now slightly increase suspicion level.

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