AI Image Policy

All AI imagery posted to Mesmerizers Gaming is created with respect to the current movement to mitigate dangers inherently present in the technology. 

All works in the gallery are created without:

  • Using an artist’s name or style, either in prompt or in attribution
  • Replicating the likeness of any real person
  • Entry into non-AI competitions

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Content Policy

All models used in photographs and videos are over the age of 18. All fictional images and characters depicted are also adults age 18 or older. No images shall include any depictions of extreme mutilation, extreme bodily distension, or bestiality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Doesn’t AI Imaging hurt artists?

A: It all depends on the user. The technology in and of itself does not hurt artists, but it can be (and too often is) abused. The main ways in which AI Imaging is dangerous primarily revolve around theft and fraud, such as unlicensed intellectual property or false attribution. Mesmerizers Gaming’s AI Image Policy is designed so that the works created and posted to here (or from here) do not pose any such threats. Furthermore, artists can and should consider licensing out their works for use in AI training data, opening up a whole new source of revenue.

Q: Aren’t you afraid that AI will replace artists?

A: AI art is far from reliable use in a professional setting. The lack of ability to meaningfully replicate a perceived control and understanding of the craft severely limits the means of AI image creators to successfully market themselves as an employable artist. 

Q: Doesn’t AI Imaging devalue artists?

A: Of course not, an artists’ value is derived from their own self worth.

Q: Why are you selling AI images?

A: My images are not for sell, they are available as bonus content for my Patreon supporters

Q: AI Imagery is low effort.

A: This is a valid opinion. It’s easy to create thousands of images after a few seconds of typing or clicking. It does take a lot of time to curate and refine the results, so to me it only feels “low effort” if it’s in a direct comparison relative with non-AI artwork.

Q: AI Imagery is saturating the web.

A: I create countless gigabytes of images and post way less than 1% of what I make, as long as I strongly feel like others will like it- and especially if it helps to fill in a gaping hole of related content, like some of these harder-to-find kinks. 

Q: AI Imagery is not real art.

A: Chill, Ongo Gablogian.