Natural Bimbo

Bimbo Stable Diffusion LoRA

Indigo by Mesmerizers Gaming

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This LoRA will provide typical bimbo features (enhanced bust, thicker lips, blonde hair), but without the heavy plastic or artificial look. It’s flexible on other things like big ass, thick thighs, and weight.

Right now it seems to have a strong preference for creating Caucasian or Asian women (probably due to the training set prioritizing blonde hair), so it may require some strong prompting to convince it to generate otherwise.

The preview images are mostly one picture with bimbo used at a small strength in the prompt, and then another picture with bimbo at the maximum palatable strength.


Trigger Words

  • bimbo – main trigger word

Recommended Settings

  • LoRA Strength: 1.0

Example images are 768 x 768 generations, most of which have implemented the High-Res Fix.