Red+ Tiers download 0.69 here:

0.68 now live on the Drive for Blue Patrons.


+Added the ability to leave a mark at random dormitories

+Added ability to possess randomly-generated student inhabitants of marked dormitories and create soulless husks from their bodies

+Added the ability to reserve a husk to use in the ritual to summon the eldritch god

+Added  a “cutscene” after reaching a certain progression which introduces the new possession mechanic

+Added Abnormal Fungus upgrade: A sentient fungus begins to grow in the Student Center boiler room, slowly splitting rock and sediment, creeping up the limbs of worker husks, seeping into their ears and making them more virile.

+Added an option to the sidebar to quickly view Arousal progression across all aroused characters, as well as their current location

+You may now attempt to withhold orgasms from receiving fellatio. Successful withhold means dick growth. Half other benefits, but no tit growth. Unsuccessful means extra shrinkage than normal, but all benefits. Not withholding means standard shrinking and all benefits. If the NPC is forcing themselves on you, you will not have the option to try and withhold.

+Added option to “Exert” your power on a frenzied NPC to quickly alter their stats in order to unlock the artwork, rather than just re-visiting the same passage dozens of times waiting for their stats to change

+Added a student housing section to the Upper Campus with 5 dormitories (only 1 active dormitory at this time)

+Added Charismatic trait: You know how to shine in social interactions, and your sense of humor is attractive. Automatically receive a daily reduction in suspicion, and a chance for aroused Affected to become more aroused in your absence.

+Added a boiler room to the student center, available after a certain progression. Husks can be sent to the boiler room and used as workers to help you uncover something ancient and hidden. 

+Added bathroom to Rec Center

+Added a visual progress bar to the suspicion tracker

+Added some more easy-use navigation menus to the player home and campus

+Added the option to scan the pages of the library books, for reference later

*Replaced all existing music with original tracks

*Rewrote most of the intro scenes

*Reformatted the sidebar

*Increased the amount of information available in the sidebar

*Made the scrollbars less obtrusive, more thematic

*Arousal now has a chance to decrease faster when visiting NPC’s

*Removed the requirement to have the Diminish upgrades in order to witness female frenzies

*IQ changes from sex scenes are now larger stat changes (the text description of the amount of reduction/increase will not change)

*Edging now adds 1 more suspicion point, rather than 0.5

*Altered the following line in Caelano Fragments:
   ~If unable to escape his influence, the affected will eventually seek out anyone and everyone willing to help get release from their intense, perpetual arousal. At this point, they no longer serve the Anointed, instead working directly under the influence of (unintelligible). The copious sex increases their libido and sends them further spiraling into a sex frenzy. On the surface, their bodies may also undergo rapid changes.

*It is no longer possible to leave the house during the home invasion encounter

*Increased the genitalia size and suspicion increase provided by Eldritch Enhancement

*Maya will no longer ask if you’ve been to the library, if you have indeed been to it

*Updated executable icon

-Removed all links to Patreon

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