The Rain

“The rain will bring you peace.”





Massive rubber wheels tread through dirt as Janie drives Pa’s tractor down the side of the road. Her family owns two cars, but she had been putting off getting her license for ages. Today Pa wants milk and eggs, but sick as he is, she knew he is in no condition to come himself. Besides, the sky was getting dark over Athens and Pa can’t see too well anymore. He‘s always worrying about her driving the tractor, but she can operate it well enough and is hoping to get back before the storm. Besides, a little rain won’t hurt.

The sun is beginning to set as she turns onto the main road in Athens. The old country store is still standing with its swinging sign hanging over the road. The streetlights are shining bright, reflecting off the store’s tin roof. Pulling into the store’s parking lot, Janie disembarks and struts over to the front door, shoving it open with her shoulder like she had countless times before. The lights are turned off inside, but there is still some light coming in from outside. There’s only Ephraim, the owner’s son, working tonight. He groans at first sight of her, then scurries over to help her carry in the milk and eggs. As a young child she loved to annoy Ephraim, having had crush on him, but that was years ago. Still, he was fun to tease.

“How’re you doin, Ms. Collins?” he says. He scuffs his shoes across the linoleum floor as he pulls out the cartons of milk and eggs. “I hope this won’t take long.”

Don’t worry, Eph. Just grabbin’ some things for pa.”

“Oh, yeah? How’s he doin’?” he asks, trying to make conversation.

“Slowly improving, we’re-“

Thunder booms from outside, catching the attention of them both. There is a light drizzle of rain now.

Look at you, no umbrella or nothin’,” Ephraim scoffs.

You volunteerin’ to drive me and the tractor back?”

He rolls his eyes, carrying her items to the register to bag them. Janie pulls out a bill from her pocket and hands it to Ephraim.


“No, I got it.”

This takes her back. He’s usually civil at best, never extending such kindness to her before. He pushes it into her hand and she whispers, “You’re sweet, Eph. Thanks.”

“It’s okay. Are you sure you don’t want to wait out the storm in here?”

Janie looks down the darkening street outside.

It’s fine. The house is five minutes away.”

The rain is now clattering over the tin roof of the store as she pulls open the door, rushing out into the lot. Thunder claps overhead. A cold breeze scatters raindrops over her body and drenches her clothes. She clenches her eyes shut, shivering and scurrying over to her tractor. Clambering over the side, she shoves the keys into the ignition as it roars to life. She pulls out onto the road, tires grinding over the gravel. Raindrops cling hard to her skin and soak into her clothing as the rain hammers down on the metal roof of the tractor, the clouds growing heavier over her as she creeps forward along the increasingly desolate road.

Maybe she should have stayed at the store, she thinks, at least Ephraim was there. There is a slight tingling sensation in her nipples, and they become erect through her top. Lightning crashes ahead of her. She turns right down a small dirt lane and pulls over near the woods. The trees are swaying violently in the wind and rain, creating a menacing atmosphere around her. The news was calling this a simple rainstorm, but to her this definitely felt off. She wishes she had stayed with Ephraim. If she returned now, he would probably even help her dry off. Her body feels hot and flushed at the thought of returning. She clenches her eyes closed and groans.

No,” she whispers to herself. “I must get back to Pa.”

Her blouse clenches her breasts, so she pulls it from her skin, wincing as the fabric rubs against her sore nipples. Pulling back onto the road, she can’t help but think about how sexy Ephraim looked in his uniform. She moans softly but shakes her head, quickly composing herself.

The rain is still pounding as she pulls up to her house. Pa is standing in the driveway, looking to the sky. He must be having an episode. She quickly climbs out of the tractor and her feet squelch in the wet ground as she patters up to her father.

“Pa!” she yells over the rain, “I brought your things.”

He doesn’t reply, his eyes locked on the sky. She takes him by the shoulders and carefully guides him back inside.

“Pa, are you alright?” she asks.

“Janie, my sweet girl.” His voice is strained.

Janie smiles bittersweetly.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispers. His eyes light up, as if he’s seeing her for the first time in a decade. “You’re like an angel.”

“Thanks, Pa. I love you.”

“You’ve always been a good girl. You know that, don’t you?” he asks. “A good girl.”

She nods.

“You’re the sweetest little girl in the world.”

“Pa, please,” she scoffs. “Let’s just get you fixed up, okay?”

“Janie,” he retorts, “you can’t escape your fate. You’re like a butterfly. No matter how hard you try, you’re trapped.”

She shoots him an odd glance. He wasn’t always lucid, but he was never so incoherent.

“The rain will wash away your sins.” He clenches his teeth, and his eyes bulge. “Your sinful heart.”

“Pa, stop.”

“The rain will bring you peace.”

He lets out a deep, throaty growl. He stands up, clawed hands gripping the back of her shirt as she struggles to free herself.


“You’re not leaving,” he growls. “You’re staying with me.”

“Pa, let me go!”

“You’re a whore. You’re a harlot. You’re a slut.”

“Pa, please!”

He pulls her closer, his hands clamped over her shoulders. Janie struggles and tries to pull away, but he is too strong for her.

“Your body is mine,” he whispers. “I made you, and I’ll break you.”

Janie is in a state of panic as she screams. She kicks and clings to his hands, but they are too strong.

“You’re just a dirty little slut.”

She tries to scream again, but his hands clap over her mouth, muffling the sound. He shoves her against the wall, his fingers digging into her flesh as he pushes his tongue between her lips. She swings her elbow back, hammering him hard in his temple and sending him falling to the floor. Rushing over to the phone, she picks it up and her fingers hover above the buttons, hesitating to dial as she questions the reality of everything that just happened. She glances back over her shoulder to check on him, but he is gone. Instead, Ephraim sits comfortably in Pa’s chair, getting up from it to greet her.

“Eph?” she whispers.

“Janie,” he says. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

I was worried about you, I hope you don’t mind that I came. I thought you might need a friend.”

Where’s Pa?” she asks.

He left a few minutes ago, won’t be back for a few hours.”

Janie chuckles.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m feeling too well.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ephram says, standing up from the chair. “I’m here now.”

He extends an arm and Janie feels magnetically pulled into his embrace. She didn’t realize how much she had missed him. His presence meant warmth and safety. She leans into him and clings tightly to his chest. He gently caresses her hair and strokes her back.

“I thought you found me annoying.” She clings tighter to him.

“I thought you were over me.”

She closes her eyes, taking in a deep breath. Her worries wash away, and all she can think about is how her younger self’s mind would be blown if she were here to witness this. She opens her eyes to see Ephraim unbuttoning his pants. He steps in close, kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. Thunder crashes outside.

“Janie,” he whispers. “Don’t fight it.”


Ephram pushes her over to the couch, pressing her into it as he presses his body against hers. Shocked about how little she wants to resist, her arousal shoots through her like a firework in the sky. “What are you doing?” she asks.

“You’re just a little wet.”

“I feel so hot. My body is burning up.”

“I know, Janie.”

He kisses her neck, slowly pulling down her bottoms, causing her to moan as he rubs her wet pussy with his hand. She clings tightly to his shoulders as he lifts her legs onto one of them.

“Oh, god, I’ve never been so horny in my life.”

“I know,” he whispers as he kisses her thighs. “You’re so beautiful.”

He slides his cock inside her, moaning softly as his eyes roll back in pleasure.

“Fuck me,” she whispers, clapping her hands over his ears. He groans, his eyes fluttering as he begins to fuck her hard, biting his lip. Her pussy clamps around his cock and squeezes him in tight. She clings to him, feeling her pussy contract around him as she moans louder than him. He continues to pound her as the rain crashes down outside. Thunder booms over them, shaking the entire house.

“Don’t stop,” she whimpers.

He thrusts hard inside her, his body clamped down on her as he cums inside her. Pump after pump of hot ejaculate fills her up, his cock throbbing as he shudders over and over inside her pussy. The storm rages outside as he pulls out, cum dripping from her pussy.

“I told you you were a whore. You’re a filthy, dirty slut.”

Pa smirks, pulling away from her and walking into the kitchen. He turns back around, eyes rolled back in pleasure, smiling from ear to ear as lightning flashes around them.

“You’re a whore, a dirty whore.”

The wind and rain beat violently against the windows as warm semen trickles down her inner thigh.

“You’re a whore, a dirty, filthy whore.”


Closing the cash register, Ephraim takes his keys and puts on his raincoat, quickly heading for the door. His dad had given him the okay to close the store early due to the ridiculous reports on the radio. It’s dark out now. The rain is pouring down, making the streets look like rivers of black. Taking a deep breath, he steps out of the door, locks it behind him, and treks to his car. Climbing inside, the engine hums to life, and he pulls out of the lot.

“I’ll just swing by and make sure Janie is okay,” he thinks, “Then I’ll head back home.”

His wipers fiercely battle against the downpour as he drives by the pastures. He sees lights on inside as he pulls up to Janie’s house, with the tractor sitting nearby. “Good,” he thinks, “She made it home.”

The front door opens and his father’s friend, Janie’s dad, walks out naked as the day he came.

Bewildered by this sudden sight, Ephraim pulls away and continues down the road. Perhaps there is some truth to the reports after all. He’s just turning the corner when he sees her. She’s walking away from him barefoot, almost naked. He rolls down the window.

“Janie?” he calls out to her over the rain.

Janie does not react. She just continues walking, her pale hair clumped against her face and neck as she bobs up and down.

“Janie!” he yells again.

She turns.

“What are you doing?” Ephraim asks.

“Ephraim?” she whispers.

“What are you doing, what happened?”

“Cock,” she moans. Her eyes are vacant and lifeless, like a zombie’s. Her pupils are dilated to their utmost limit, as if she was high on something. “Cock.”

She pushes her breasts together and leans into the car window, seductively licking her lips as she smiles in lust. For Ephraim, it might as well be a punch to the gut, applying credibility to the insane reports he had been hearing.

“I’m sorry, Janie,” he whispers, pulling away to her chagrin. Now, he must think of his family.

“Now,” he continues, “You belong to the rain.”